LGBTQ+ Pride Christmas Gift Ideas

LGBTQ+ Pride Christmas Gift Ideas
Whether you’re struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift, or looking for the perfect queer stocking filler for a friend or loved one, we’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up the most sought after and inclusive LGBTQ+ Pride accessories and collections for the special lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer individual in your life, including over 25 identities and sexual orientations.

With Christmas fast approaching (sorry, but it is), it can often be difficult to find the perfect gift for LGBTQ+ friends or loved ones, especially if they’re not completely out. Don’t let the panic of Christmas get you down, we’re here to relieve the stress with our LGBT Christmas shopping guide.

So without further delay, here’s our definitive LGBTQ+ Christmas shopping guide, with unique Pride collections for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer friends and loved ones!

1. For A Memorable Gift

Pride flags are one of the most versatile LGBTQ+ products available due to being used for various scenarios with and almost endless amount of uses. Even though the main purpose of a flag is to be flown in the air, many hang their flags up in bedrooms, office spaces or living rooms, whilst of course they are the perfect accessory for Pride parades and festivals.

LGBTQ+ Pride Flags Collection

All Pride flags available at Joshua Lloyd are created with strong polyester mixes, UV resistant dyes, durable double stitching and double sided brass grommets to last any weather element for many years to come. Measuring an impressive 5ft x 3ft in size too, they definitely won’t be missed at any event and make the perfect showpiece in any home!

2. For Students & Office Workers

It’s often difficult to find a gift that can be utilised on a daily basis, especially when most of us spend a third of our lives inside the office or in school, college or university! 

LGBTQ+ Gay Pride Lanyards Collection

Our LGBTQ+ Pride lanyards are created with 100% high quality woven polyester to provide durable and waterproof design. Most importantly, all of our lanyards utilise a quick pull release safety feature which is now a requirement for many office environments and schools making them health and safety compliant. 

3. For Tech Lovers

Know somebody always on their phone or computer? Why not send them a LGBTQ+ Pride inspired wallpaper background to add extra colour to their device? What’s even better is that all of our digital downloads are currently free, in our eye’s it’s a no brainer!

LGBTQ+ Gay Pride Desktop Wallpaper Digital Downloads Collection

Explore our extensive range of LGBTQ+ inspired designs for all Android and iOS devices, alongside desktop wallpapers for computers and Mac. Regardless of how you identify or those you’re downloading for, we’ve got you covered. 

4. For a Long Distance Gift

Do you have friends or loved ones who you can’t spend the festive period with? You can’t go wrong with sending a greetings card or postcard around Christmas time, it’s also the perfect small token gift that can have a big impact on those that you’re missing.

LGBTQ+ Gay Pride Greetings Cards & Postcards Collection

In addition to Christmas card designs, we also stock a wide range of LGBTQ+ greetings cards including various seasons throughout the year. Our postcards created by independent artists also provide extra character and queerness to ship to those you love.

5. For The House Proud

Looking for the perfect gift for those who take pride with their home? Look no further than our growing collection of LGBTQ+ homeware. Currently including scatter cushions and coffee mugs/cups, we’re constantly adding to our homeware collection to continue increasing inclusivity with added colour for your home or those you love.

LGBTQ+ Pride Homeware Scatter Cushions & Coffee Mugs Collection

Unlike many, we don’t just sell cushion covers either, all of our cushions available are sold complete which means you don’t have to create anything yourself, making our LGBTQ+ Pride homeware perfect as a festive gift. 

6. For a Small Token Gift

If you’re looking for a small token LGBTQ+ gift, then our Pride button badges are at our lowest ever price! Explore over 40 unique and queer designs from just £0.99 which are sure to put a smile on whoever you gift them to.

LGBTQ+ Gay Pride Button Badge Collection

Small in size, yet filled with character and colour, you can’t go wrong with our button badges as a last minute Christmas gift. They’re great for those who like adding pins to their bags or jackets, and can also be collected by those who have more buttons than minutes in the day! 

7. For Festival Goers

It may be winter time, but you may know somebody who lives for the summer, in particular Pride festivals and parades, or any of the thousands of music festivals that take place each year.

LGBTQ+ Pride Festival Accessories; Bucket Hats & Bum Bags Collection

Our LGBTQ+ bum bags and bucket hats are the number 1 trend for music festivals and Pride parades which means you can’t go wrong getting them ready in advance for their festivals next year! 

8. For Jewellery Admirers

Some just love jewellery! Whether it’s earrings, necklaces, rings or bracelets, we’ve got you covered. We proudly stock over 120 jewellery items across 6 individual jewellery collections

LGBTQ+ Pride Fashion Jewellery Collection

Each created with their own unique style, any of our pride jewellery makes a perfect Christmas gift and token of appreciation. If you’re looking to spend that little bit more on your friend or loved one, then you truly can’t go wrong with any of our LGBTQ+ jewellery! 

9. For Something Different

From denim jackets to backpacks, our embroidered iron-on patches can be ironed or sewn onto anything you desire which makes them a great gift idea that offers versatility for however they’re used. 

LGBTQ+ Pride Iron-On Embroidered Patches Collection

With a growing collection of LGBTQ+ designs, alongside other quirky and colourful artwork, our patches are a great last minute idea for those who love them, and can also be kept as artwork in their own right! 

10. For Stocking Fillers

With one of the largest collections available, it’s no surprise that your LGBTQ+ Pride pin badges are so sought after. With over 100 unique designs available, you can’t go wrong with gifting one of our pins, they fit perfectly in any stocking or Christmas hamper too! 

LGBTQ+ Gay Pride Pin Badges

Regardless of identity or sexual orientation, you’re sure to find what you’re looking to gift this festive period and may find some other quirky designs to treat that special someone whilst browsing through our extensive collection. 

11. For Sock Lovers

We all like styling ourselves in different ways, although some love to be eccentric or stylish with socks. In addition to LGBT Pride sock designs, you’ll also find countless gift box ideas for pizza lovers, beer drinkers, video gamers, burger munchers and much more.. yes this designs sound crazy but check them out first before you judge! 

 Gender Neutral Unisex LGBTQ+ Pride Socks Collection

We work with some of the greatest UK sock manufacturers available for our sock designs, so you’re sure to get socks with comfort in mind whilst also created with durable layered fabric and strong elastic for socks that’ll be cherished for a long time ahead. 

12. For Shoe Collectors

One of the all time community favourites, our LGBTQ+ pride shoelaces can be used to express identity on a daily basis on shoes, trainers, boots or sports footwear. Created with high grade waterproof polyester, our laces will last the test of time, which definitely makes them a gift that shouldn’t be missed. 

LGBTQ+ Pride Shoelaces Collection

If you have a LGBTQ+ friend or loved one who protects their shoes closely, then our shoelaces are the perfect gift for them to add extra colour and pride to their footwear. 

13. For Fashion Statements

Whether you’re looking for T-shirts, hoodies or sweatshirts, we’ve got you covered. Our extensive collection of gender neutral clothing include designs for a wide variety of identities and sexual orientations.

LGBTQ+ Pride Gender Neutral Clothing Collection

Created with heavy cotton mixes and direct to garment printing, all of our apparel is created with comfort in mind, whilst not limiting brightness of artwork for clothing that will withstand the test of time. Did we also mention that our T-shirt, sweatshirt and hoodie designs are created in house, meaning you’ll be getting a gift not available anywhere else!

14. For A Practical Gift

Want to get something that highlights Pride whilst also having practicality? Then look no further than our collection of canvas buckle belts and adjustable braces/suspenders

LGBTQ+ Pride Canvas Buckle Belts & Suspender Braces Collection

Inspired by LGBTQ+ Pride flag designs, our military style buckle belts and elasticated braces are the ideal go to gift for those who love accessorising their wardrobe. Whilst you’re browsing, you’ll also find other quirky designs too!

15. If You’re Still Unsure

Have you gone through this list and still unsure on what to purchase for your friend or loved one? Don’t worry, it can always be difficult to find the perfect gift! This is where our gift cards save the day!

Joshua Lloyd LGBTQ+ Pride Christmas Gift Cards

From as little as £5.00 through to £100, there’s options for any budget, whilst providing access to hundreds of LGBTQ+ Pride accessories, merchandise and gender neutral clothing, or a great way to put towards something you know they’ll want and love!

Shop With Confidence

As Europe’s number 1 LGBTQ+ gender identity pride shop, you can shop with confidence at Joshua Lloyd. As a multi award winning fashion brand and inclusive ambassador to the LGBTQ+ community, we also work alongside charity partners and organisations in addition to leading ethical manufactures to create the highest level products available to make the perfect Christmas gift for whoever you’re shopping for.  

Joshua Lloyd, Europe's Number 1 LGBTQ+ Gay Pride Identity Shop

For extra piece of mind, you’ll also be pleased to know that every order shipped out by Joshua Lloyd is packed within 100% discreet packaging to ensure that any gifts purchased won’t be discovered whilst protecting LGBTQ+ youth in difficult and unsporting environments. 

Looking For More?

Although this guide is a perfect outline of the products we have available, there’s also many items that didn’t make the list. If you’re looking for more LBGTQ+ Pride accessories, merchandise or clothing, please be sure to check out all of our collections available as you mind find that perfect gift for a friend or loved one, even if we didn’t list it here! 

Joshua Lloyd LGBTQ+ Pride Accessories, Merchandise & Gender Neutral Clothing

Need More Help?

Our team are always on hand to help you with any further enquiries! If you’re still struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift, or need further guidance on any of products, please be sure to reach out to us and we’ll work hard to point you in the right direction or provide further information if needed. 

Shopping With Joshua Lloyd Help

Have you got any items you love that we don’t stock, or have any opinions on what you think should make this list? Be sure to let us know in the comments, it could also help others make their decision purchasing the perfect gift this year!

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