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Transgender Pride Products

Joshua Lloyd is proud to provide a extensive collection of transgender accessories and clothing. Built from the ground up with community input, requests and ideas, Joshua Lloyd expands much greater than other LGBTQ+ pride shops by building a brand around the community, regardless of identity, race, size or other background. 

What Is Transgender?

Transgender people have a gender identity or gender expression which differs from the sex which they were assigned at birth, also know as their assigned sex. Some transgender people who wish to undergo assistance to transition from on sex to another may identify as transsexual. Transgender, also known in its shorter name trans, is an umbrella term which also includes those who identify as opposite to their assigned sex and can also include those who identify as non binary or genderqueer.

Transgender Pride Flag

Designed in 1999 by American trans woman Monica Helms, the transgender pride flag was created to be a symbol of the trans community, organisations and individuals around the world. Much like other LGBTQ+ pride flags, this transgender symbol has been widely adopted and endorsed throughout trans awareness periods globablly.

Colours Of The Transgender Flag

The transgender pride flag is comprised of five horizontal stripes utilising three individual colours, from the top blue, pink, white, pink and blue. The colours have different meaning with blue representing men and pink for women alongside the centred white stripe for those who do not fit into gender binary.

Trending Transgender Accessories

There are currently over 20 individual transgender accessories available at Joshua Lloyd. Like anything, everybody has their preference, but below we've highlighted some of the trending trans accessories:

Transgender Pride Flag - Large 5ft x 3ft transgender pride flag created with durable stitching and brass grommets alongside vibrant UV resistant dyes.

Transgender Shoelaces - 130cm long shoelaces with colours of the bisexual pride flag, created with durable, waterproof and woven materials.

Transgender Umbrella - Foldable and compact umbrella utilising the colours of the transgender pride flag with an approximate span of 90cm.

Transgender Sunglasses - Vibrant wayfarer sunglasses utilising the trans pride flag colours throughout. 

Trending Transgender Clothing

Alongside our collection of transgender accessories, we're constantly increasing our trans clothing range as we continue to push towards the most inclusive fashion shop available. You can find some trending transgender apparel below: 

Protect Trans Kids T-shirt - 100% ring-spun cotton T-shirt with the design of fist made up the words "protect trans kids" in the trans flag colours.

Transgender Paw Hoodie - Warm, comfortable cotton and polyester mixed hoodie with a paw print design, utilising the colours of the transgender pride flag. 

Rated T For Transgender T-shirt - The perfect T-shirt to highlight your pride. Created with 100% soft touch, ring-spun cotton.