Bisexual Accessories & Clothing

35 products

35 products

Bisexual Pride Products

Here at Joshua Lloyd we stock a wide range of bisexual accessories and clothing. The products we stock are brought to life with community input through requests, ideas and concepts. Joshua Lloyd reaches far beyond your usual LGBT pride shop by catering for everybody regardless of their identity, race or size. 

What Is Bisexual?

Bisexuality is the romantic attraction, sexual attraction or sexual behaviour towards both males and females, or to more than one gender. Bisexuality is not be confused with Pansexuality which includes the romantic or sexual attraction to people regardless of their gender identity. You can read more about this in our Pansexual collection. 

Bisexual Pride Flag

Designed in 1998 by Michael Page to help increase the visibility of bisexuals, both within society and as a whole within the LGBTQ+ community; The bisexual pride flag was first unveiled on the 5th December 1998 at the first anniversary party of BiCafe. 

Colours Of The Bisexual Flag

The bisexual pride flag is comprised of three individual horizontal stripes; From the top; Pink, Purple and Blue. The colours take inspiration from the biangles, (blue and pink overlapping triangles) which was designed by Liz Nania in 1987 to help organise the first ever bisexual contingent. The colours of the overlapping biangles created the colours Pink, Purple and Blue which we are used to seeing today. 

Trending Bisexual Accessories

At present we stock over 20 bisexual accessories. Although people have their different preferences, we've highlighted some of the best selling bisexual accessories below:

Bisexual Pride Flag - 5ft x 3ft bisexual pride flag created with durable stitching and brass grommets alongside vibrant UV resistant dyes.

Bisexual Shoelaces - 130cm premium shoelaces with colours of the bisexual pride flag utilised with durable, waterproof and woven materials.

Bisexual Lanyard - 100% woven polyester lanyard with colours of the bisexual flag. With additional lobster claw and quick release pull latch.

Bisexual Bangle - Adjustable 20cm faux leather bangle bracelet with 20mm glass cabochon charm of the bisexual colours alongside other beads.

Trending Bisexual Clothing

In addition to a wide range of accessories, our bisexual clothing range is constantly expanding as we strive to become the greatest LGBTQ+ inclusive fashion store available. Below we've highlighted some of the best selling bisexual apparel:

Bisexual D20 T-Shirt - 100% ring-spun cotton T-shirt with the design of a D20 dice utilising the colours of the bisexual flag cantered. 

Bisexual Paw Hoodie - Comfortable cotton and polyester mixed hoodie to create warmth and style with a paw print design in bisexual colours.

Bisexual Retro Heart T-Shirt - For video game enthusiasts. A 100% ring-spun cotton T-shirt with 8-bit retro hearts in the colours of the bisexual flag.