Our Birthday Price Promise

Our Birthday Price Promise

If you didn’t know already, we’re celebrating our 3rd birthday on the 10th of October! It’s definitely been a rollercoaster of a time but we’ve definitely enjoyed the past year the most and that’s thanks to our amazing community! 

Crawling out of a pandemic straight into an energy crises has definitely kept the struggle real for all of us, however there are so many things to be grateful for to shine a light on the past year, and here’s just a few…

Pride Road Trip

Most importantly, this year marked our first road trip visiting Pride events up and down the UK, finally meeting up with our community, customers and friends! We welcomed friendly faces to our stalls in Nottingham, Leeds, Wigan, Leicester, Manchester and Birmingham. We can’t wait to visit more places next year and look forward to meeting even more of you!

Joshua Lloyd Pride Parade Festival Wigan


Joshua Lloyd has been recognised for numerous awards over the past year which was only possible thanks to you and our amazing community! Beginning the year, Joshua was named “LGBTQ+ Fashion eTail MD of the year” at the Managing Director Of The Year Awards 2022 by SME. The brand was later a regional finalist at the StartUp Awards National Series for Global StartUp of the year.

North West National StartUp Business Awards Joshua Lloyd

Over the next couple months the team will be attending both the North West LGBTQ+ Business Awards and the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, with Joshua being shortlisted for the Young Person In Business Award.

Working With The Community

Joshua Lloyd has remained it’s core values throughout and will continue to actively work alongside our corporate charity partners, industries and communities, whilst also working with charity run events. We pride ourselves on being more than a generic gay pride shop and understand the entire LGBTQ+ community runs much deeper, with many issues still faced by the community on a daily basis. 

Joshua Lloyd Working With LGBTQ+ Community

This year we created more content then ever before! In addition to guidance, news and entertainment throughout or blogs, we’ve engaged with our community even greater across our social media whilst also expanding our content over at TikTok, whilst also creating information on key dates and events within the LGBTQ+ community, alongside our United Kingdom and Ireland Pride Calendar, which of course will be updated for 2023 soon!

As always, throughout the year we’ve actively listened to our community which has helped us welcome over 20 unique collections which includes hundreds of exciting products for anybody to showcase their pride and cannot wait to introduce the future line ups!

Our Price Promise

With the cost of living constantly on the rise, alongside numerous global situations, many of us are having to cut back, in some cases on core essentials. Here at Joshua Lloyd, we truly believe that Pride should be accessible to everyone, and not limited due to pricing.

For this reason we have been working tirelessly with our production partners, distributors, manufacturers and shipment providers to reduce the cost of our products to ensure that you’re not limited when it comes to sharing your pride, or sharing with others this Christmas.

Our ‘Price Promise’ sees reductions of up to 40% across 350 products, including community favourites such as pride flags, accessories, jewelry, clothing and more! 

Joshua Lloyd Affordable LGBTQ+ Pride Merch Price Promise

Shipping Update

In addition to our ‘Price Promise’ we’re also excited to announce that we’ve completely re-vamped our shipping methods and prices. Whether you’re in the UK or abroad, there’s now even more choice on how your order is delivered, whilst providing competitive rates you’re sure to enjoy.

Check new shipping rates & options >>

Joshua Lloyd Shipping Delivery Update

Loyalty Rewards Update

With the majority of our prices being slashed, this of course means that it would only be fair to adjust our loyalty rewards to benefit you greater. For this reason we’ve also lowered the cost of our rewards, whilst also adding in some extra one to cash in with your loyalty reward points!

Check Updated & New Loyalty Rewards >>

Joshua Lloyd Loyalty Rewards Update

Moving Forward

As the brand moves forward into it’s fourth year, we cannot wait to share with you not only new products, but the continued acceptance, love, equality and inclusion that we strive to further increase everyday!

It’s definitely been a difficult time for the majority of us as the world constantly seems to throw new worries and troubles our way, but together we can continue to build a more accepting world, one step at a time. Joshua Lloyd has always been more than a pride shop; the core ethos is to spread love and equality wherever possible, whilst providing the perfect LGBTQ+ accessories, clothing and other products along the way. As we move into 2023 soon, we cannot wait to share the journey with you!

Joshua Lloyd Birthday Announcement

It’s important to mention that if you are struggling with your mental health, experiencing bullying, experiencing trouble and worry or unsure of your identity, you are not alone! Don’t be afraid to reach out to us, or for confidential support from an expert team of friendly faces, you can get in touch with LGBT Foundation here.

For now though, stay awesome! 

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