Lesbian Accessories & Clothing

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39 products

Lesbian Pride Products

Here at Joshua Lloyd we provide a wide range of lesbian pride accessories and clothing for all occasions. Created with community input, our lesbian merchandise collection is ever-changing and is currently focused upon transitioning to the sunset lesbian pride flag design wherever possible. 

What Is Lesbian?

Put simply, a lesbian is a homosexual woman. The word lesbian itself can also be used for those who identify as female in relation to their sexual identity or sexual behaviour, regardless of sexual orientation.

Did you know? The word "lesbian" comes from the name of the Greek island Lesbos where Sappho was born. Sappho was an ancient Greek woman who wrote poems that included homosexual themes. 

Lesbian Pride Flag

There have been many renditions of the lesbian pride flag over the years, however the most commonly accepted is the sunset lesbian pride flag which is available at Joshua Lloyd in either five stripes or seven stripes.

Different Lesbian Flag Colours

There is much debate between the difference in lesbian pride flags over recent years and which flag should solely represent lesbianism with many flag renditions in the past. 

Here at Joshua Lloyd we aim to remain as inclusive as possible and therefore aim to stock lesbian pride flags that people feel most comfortable identifying with as lesbian.

The pink lesbian flag was one of the first commonly accepted lesbian pride flags as it removed the illustration of lipstick as this was not as inclusive with it made to represent only homosexual women who had more of a feminine gender expression. The pink lesbian flag consists of seven stripes utilising six shades of red and pink with a white bar in the center. 

The latest and most widely accepted pride flag is the sunset lesbian pride flag. This was originally designed as the orange-pink lesbian flag consisting of seven horizontal lines with dark orange representing gender non-conformity, orange for independence, light orange for community, white for unique relationships to womanhood, pink for serenity and peace, dusty pink for love and sex and dark rose for femininity. 

The orange-pink lesbian flag has since been re-designed with five stripes however is not to replace the original but more to compliment it and is most commonly known as the five stripe sunset lesbian pride flag.

Lesbian Pride Accessories 

Joshua Lloyd caters for lesbians with a varied selection of lesbian accessories including pride flags, lanyards, shoelaces, earrings, pin badges and much more! We continue to work with our community to cover all requirements for the lesbian community and can't wait to continue growing our lesbian merchandise collection! 

Lesbian Clothing

Alongside the wide range collection of lesbian accessories and merchandise, our ever-expanding range of lesbian clothing including T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts is perfect for anybody who identifies as lesbian, or make the perfect gift for your loved ones.