Transgender Awareness Week

Transgender Awareness Week

Every year between 13th – 19th November, generally one week before the Transgender Day of Remembrance on 20th November; Both individuals and organisations around the world come together to participate in Transgender Awareness Week, in a bid to help raise visibility about Transgender people and highlight the varying issues that members of the Transgender community face on a daily basis. 

What is Transgender Awareness Week?

Transgender Awareness Week is a week for both Transgender people and their allies to form together in taking action to highlight further attention to the community through educating the general public about Transgender people.

By sharing stories and experiences and most importantly advancing advocacy around the issues of discrimination, prejudice, discrimination and violence that the Transgender community face, it becomes that little more possible to educate a larger number of individuals on the importance of acceptance and understanding. 

What is Transgender Day of Remembrance?

Founded by Transgender advocate Gwendolyn Ann Smith as a vigil to honor the memory of Rita Hester, a Transgender woman who was tragically killed in 1998; Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) is a vigil commemorated for all Transgender people who lost to violence that year and started a very important memorial within the LGBTQ+ calendar which has now become the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance. 

How do I Raise Awareness For Trans Week?


Raising awareness and showing solidarity through Transgender Awareness Week doesn’t require a huge effort from yourself but what you do create or take part in can generate much needed attention.

Now with the support and promotion from organisations such as GLAAD and Joshua Lloyd; Transgender Awareness Week has managed to receive a lot more media coverage and support by Transgender advocates.

With Coronavirus limiting the amount of candlelit vigils and marches possible this year, there are still numerous ways you can increase awareness to the Transgender community. 

Educate Yourself About Transgenderism

If you don’t fully understand the term Transgender or the community itself, then the best way you can get started in spreading awareness and love is to educate yourself first with Transgender. 

This year for Transgender Awareness Week, we share the same guidance as GLAAD in fully recommending and encouraging everyone, even if you do understand Transgender, to watch the documentary DISCLOSURE on Netflix.

Directed by Sam Feder alongside executive producer Laverne Cox, the documentary delves deep into the history of Transgender representation in both television and film in an extraordinary way, showcasing how Hollywood both reflects and creates people’s deepest anxieties about gender. 

Gaining a greater understanding about both Transgender people and the community is vital before sharing awareness. With 80% of Americans stating they do not believe they have personally met somebody who is Transgender, the core knowledge of many has been created by over ten years worth of media which has significantly misrepresented who Trans people really are and influenced public perceptions and attitude about the Transgender community. 

Share Awareness to the Transgender Community


Once you truly believe you have gained enough knowledge about Transgender people and the Trans community; Actions such as sharing a simple post with hashtags such as #TransWeek and #TransAwareness can help amplify the voices of Transgender people online and on social media platforms. 

Check out our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages for Transgender Awareness Week posts and feel free to share them with the use of hashtag: #lloydlabel. 

Reach Out to Transgender People Around You


If you personally have a friend or family member who is Transgender, just being there and supporting them is more than enough too. Providing both a safe space and friendly face with understanding will make them feel so much better and equal than you could possibly ever know! 

By speaking with somebody you know who is Transgender they’ll also most likely be open to talk about their identity and help you gain a greater understanding. You may even be able to work together to amplify your voices to spread even more awareness to Transgender people! 

Raising awareness to Trans people isn’t just for Transgender Awareness Week either. Groups and allies, including Joshua Lloyd organise all year round to bring further awareness and knowledge to the Transgender community and you can always share content throughout the year to help!

What is Joshua Lloyd Doing for Trans Awareness Week?


Creating a greater understanding of Transgender people alongside the diverse world of LGBTQ+ identities is something that we strive to provide at Joshua Lloyd. We are constantly creating and distributing material and content on how you can be as aware and inclusive as possible. 

We work very hard on ensuring our voices reach as many as possible and share our content across social media, our blog posts and websites alongside email and message boards to name a few.

If you’re not already, create an account with Joshua Lloyd and subscribe to our mailing list to get the latest news, entertainment and blogs alongside exclusive discounts and promotions! 

Be sure to leave us a comment below if you found this article useful! We love hearing back from our community ensuring we are producing the content you like to see!

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