Spirit Day | Take The Pledge Against Bullying

Spirit Day | Take The Pledge Against Bullying

What is Spirit Day?

Unfortunately still in this day and age, LGBTQ youth disproportionately face bullying and harassment on a regular occurrence due to their identities. 

Each year millions go purple for Spirit Day in order to support LGBTQ youth in a united we stand approach against bullying.

Pledging to ‘go purple’ on Spirit Day is a unified way for everyone to visibly show their solidarity with youth and to take part in the largest, most visible LGBTQ anti-bullying campaign in the world! 


How did Spirit Day Begin?

Spirit Day began back in 2010 with high school student Brittany McMillan in response to the alarming number of young LGBTQ lives lost to suicide, most notably with the loss of Tyler Clementi.

Brittany wanted to create a day of awareness, acceptance, and love to prevent such tragedies. With GLAAD’s help, millions of teachers, workplaces, media personalities, and students wore purple, which symbolizes spirit on the rainbow flag, to stand in solidarity with LGBTQ youth.

Today, Spirit Day is an international movement of solidarity. Every year since 2010, on the third Thursday of October, millions go purple to stand up against bullying and to accelerate acceptance for LGBTQ kids, teens, and young adults.

When Laverne Cox lit the Empire State Building purple during 2014’s Spirit Day, she got to the heart of the vision: “I want LGBTQ youth all over this country to know that they are beautiful, to know that they are divinely made, and that their lives matter.” It all starts with you.

Why It Matters?


In 2021, youth are facing unprecedented challenges in their daily lives. LGBTQ youth today experience disproportionate levels of bullying, growing anxiety and safety concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic, and continued threats of violence and discrimination based on their identities.

In a (GLSEN) study, nearly 7 out of 10 LGBTQ students experienced harassment at school because of their sexual orientation.


GLSEN found that inclusive anti-bullying and harassment policies, supportive school faculty and the presence of school clubs like Gay-Straight Alliances are all factors that lead to safer schools and better school performance.

This year’s Spirit Day will be a critical moment of reflection as we shine a light on the resilience and power of LGBTQ youth

What is Joshua Lloyd doing? 

Joshua Lloyd is more than an e-commerce brand. Since launch we have helped numerous charities to raise over £4,000 whilst also raising awareness to the problems the LGBTQ community face.


Working alongside our corporate partner at LGBT Foundation, Joshua Lloyd is constantly improving and adapting in the fast paced world we live in to provide the best possible help wherever possible whilst creating a safe space for LGBTQ youth in our lloydlabel community.

Joshua Lloyd will be taking the pledge against bullying like we do everyday. We will be going purple for the day whilst sharing important information and insight on the issues we face within the LGBTQ community throughout our social media accounts and online presence, such as this blog! 

How Can I Participate?


1 – Pledge to go purple: Take the Spirit Day pledge right now at GLAAD and then wear purple on October 15 in a stand against bullying. While you’re at it, encourage members of your community to do the same!

2 – Go purple online: Turn your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pictures purple, and make your video call background purple. Get the all the posts and materials you need over at GLAAD,

3 – Share your support with Joshua Lloyd: Share our social media posts, take selfies and create your own posts in your Spirit Day purple using #SpiritDay #lloydlabel (if using our posts).

Suggested social post with your images: Join me with Joshua Lloyd #lloydlabel in wearing purple for #SpiritDay on 15th October to support LGBTQ youth.

4 – Donate directly to the Spirit Day fund: By chipping in just £5 or whatever amount is right for you, you’ll be helping to support GLAAD’s year-round efforts to combat bullying.

Donate directly to GLAAD here.

How can I encourage others to Participate?


1 – Wear purple at your job, in school, at church, around town, and on your social media pages. Tell people why you are wearing purple, share the history and message of Spirit Day, and ask those around you to participate by wearing purple in a stand against bullying.

2 – Contact other local businesses and organizations, and ask them to support Spirit Day and LGBTQ youth by going purple at their place of operation and on social media.

Encourage local media outlets to cover an event for Spirit Day or pitch a story to them that raises awareness of bullying and issues faced by LGBTQ youth.

3 – Hold a virtual event with people in your community or from your college or school

4 – Encourage attendees to wear purple and center the event on raising awareness about a local issue pertaining to LGBTQ

Where Can I Get Help?

If you’re suffering from bullying, harassment or mental health issues, please don’t go about it alone! 

There are countless charities, organisations and people out there reaching out to help including ourselves! 

If you are seriously know you need help, the least you can do is reach out to us, we’re full of friendly faces!

Our team is built around our community and we’re here for you no matter what your worries or problems are.

If we can’t help you directly, we can anonymously refer you to the help you need or just be a friendly face to talk to in a safe environment.

Contact us anonymously!

Read more about Joshua Lloyd Charity Association.


But for now, stay safe and speak to you all soon!


Joshua Lloyd Team! 

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