It’s Our Birthday, Here’s Something New! 🎉

It’s Our Birthday, Here’s Something New! 🎉

Although common practice is to give others gifts on their birthday, Joshua Lloyd never conforms to ‘normal’ and is constantly breaking barriers that get in the way of our community! 

That’s why to celebrate our 1st birthday on the 10th October 2020, we wanted it to be all about you. We would not have managed to get through all of what this year has thrown at us without a community as strong as @lloydlabel!

To thank you in the best way possible for sticking with us or joining us on our amazing journey, we have created a highly rewarding and bespoke loyalty points system we’re sure you’re going to enjoy! 


Loyalty Points System

We’ve been working extensively with our corporate partners and industry experts over the last few months to ensure we create an amazing loyalty points system that’s highly rewarding with realistic achievements and rewards throughout. 

We’re extremely happy with this new system and really do believe it’s perfectly constructed around your wishes, which in turn will deliver a greater and more rewarding shopping experience throughout. 

We know you’re going to have some questions regarding the loyalty system so we have outlined some the basics below. For full details and FAQ visit our rewards page.


Start Today

If you already have an account with Joshua Lloyd you don’t have to do anything. You will already have 100 points in your account waiting for you! 

If you don’t have an account, simply create one here.

Make sure you let us know your birthday for additional points! 🥳

Please note any accounts found to be abusing this reward and used fraudulently to gain further initial points will have their account suspended and all orders cancelled!



Earning Points

Earning points is simple and what’s even better is there are so many ways you can start earning additional points to unlock the greater rewards we have available.

Start with enough points to claim rewards instantly!

You can earn enough points on sign up to instantly start redeeming rewards. This puts Joshua Lloyd on an entire new level in comparison to any other loyalty system out there today! 


Using Rewards

Using your rewards is just as simple as earning points. Once you unlock a new reward you will be emailed to let you know, you can also view these in the loyalty widget.

Once you redeem a reward, you will receive your unique discount code within the loyalty widget alongside receiving an email to keep your code safe if you choose to redeem it at a future point. 



Unlocking Tiers

As you shop and earn points at Joshua Lloyd you will continue to earn points throughout.

Once you enter a new tier you will automatically gain access to exclusive features and events. Don’t worry, we’ll inform you when you enter a new tier! 

Your tiered status is related to your lifetime spend with Joshua Lloyd. Once you hit a new tier, you will remain there until you close your account or request to be removed from the loyalty system.



More Information

This loyalty system has been built from the ground up with you in mind throughout. We are always looking for new ways to reward our community and this is no exception, in fact it’s probably one of the biggest steps forward in our brand’s history! 

We truly believe you’ll struggle to find another loyalty program or point system within our industry that offers more depth and rewards than Joshua Lloyd. 

As time goes on, rewards will be improved wherever possible and we will actively take on board suggestions from our community to further improve your shopping experience.

If you still have any questions regarding our loyalty system, we have created a dedicated rewards page with all the information covering the basics of the points and rewards system alongside further FAQs that you may have. 



Got any further questions, comments or ideas that you want to share?

Be sure to let us know in the comments below or contact us, we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback! 

But for now, enjoy your points and rewards, but mostly stay safe! 


Kind regards,

The Joshua Lloyd Team

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