International Lesbian Day

International Lesbian Day

International Lesbian Day

International Lesbian Day is day where we observe, celebrate and bring visibility to lesbians internationally. Documented to have begun in 1980, the day is like many other LGBTQ+ awareness days, whereby lesbians from around the world, alongside others, come together to celebrate lesbian history, diversity and culture. This year we observe and celebrate Lesbianism and the lesbian community on the 8th October 2022.

History of International Lesbian Day

Although the exact origin of International Lesbian Day is debated, it is most evident that it began in Australia and New Zealand. It is documented that the day was first observed back in 1980 when a Lesbian Day March was held in New Zealand, with the first Australian event taking place at the Collingwood Town Hall in Melbourne on the 13th October 1990.

Lesbian Pride Event Lesbians Kissing

The first event featured market stalls, musicians and readings throughout the day with dance and live bands later into the evening, much like many pride events we still have today. Lesbians in Melbourne celebrated the day on or around the 8th October for the next several years with it now adopted internationally as an all inclusive day to share love and support of the lesbian community. 

What Is Lesbianism? 

A lesbian is a woman who is physically and/or romantically attracted to other women, with Lesbianism being a form of homosexuality. The word “lesbian” comes from the name of the Greek island Lesbos where Sappho was born. Sappho was an ancient Greek woman who wrote poems that included homosexual themes. 

International Lesbian Day Lesbians Lying Down Together

Why We Still Observe Lesbian Awareness Days

International Awareness Day, alongside other dates in the LGBTQ+ calendar are still vital for lesbian individuals to help fight inequality, erasure and possible isolation. It’s important that people don’t overlook the lesbian community, therefore still massively required in today’s world to share insight, stories and content to increase visibility.

How to get involved?

Like pretty much any other visibility and awareness day, there is so many ways in which you can get involved with International Lesbian Day! Below we highlight some of the easiest ways to get involved which can in turn have a big positive impact for the lesbian community:

Sharing Awareness

It’s simple to raise awareness to the lesbian community and the problems they still face in todays culture. Actions such as sharing a simple post on social media with relevant hashtags such as #InternationalLesbianDay, #LesbianDay, #CelebrateLesbianism can significantly increate exposure and help amplify the voices of lesbian people online!

International Lesbian Day Showing Support Holding Arm

Reaching Out To Others

´╗┐If you know of anybody who is lesbian, either a close friend, family member of colleague, just being there and listening to their troubles can make them feel valued and understood. By providing a safe space and hopefully a smiling face you’ll help them on their journey and make them happier than you can imagine!

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