Birthday Announcement – We Are Two!

Birthday Announcement – We Are Two!

Message From Joshua

When I originally created the brand two years ago from a bedroom in my parents house, I truly never expected it to become the UK’s fastest growing gender identity and pride shop!

Thanks to you and our amazing community, with all the support along the way, Joshua Lloyd has managed to grow and flourish into something much bigger than I (and many others) ever anticipated or believed.

Crawling through a pandemic with multiple lockdowns and restrictions, Brexit (we won’t go into that!), personal struggles and debts to keep the brand alive, multiple relocations and the recent truck driver shortage in the UK; I’m glad to say that all the troubles and hardship the team and I have endured have definitely been worth it, especially when I get to see the amazing inclusive, accepting and equal platform the brand has now become, in particular hearing the many positive stories of people’s lives we’ve managed to help along the way!

From charity partnerships with the likes of LGBT Foundation, fundraising events such as the Jon Snow Charity Fashion Show, alongside other corporate connections including The Consortium, Young Minds and The Cybersmile Foundation, it’s amazing to see that we all together have helped raise £4,000 for the charities, organisations and for those really in need of these vital funds.

Birthday Double Reward Points
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As the brand moves forward into it’s third year, both me and the team at Joshua Lloyd cannot wait to share with you not only new products, but the continued acceptance, love, equality and inclusion that we strive to further increase everyday!

It’s definitely been a difficult time for the majority as the world constantly seems to throw new worries and troubles our way, but together we can continue to build a more accepting world, one step at a time. Joshua Lloyd has always been more than a pride store, the core ethos is to spread love and equality wherever possible, whilst providing the perfect LGBTQ+ accessories, clothing and other products along the way. As we move into 2022 soon, myself and the team cannot wait to share the journey with you!

It’s important to mention that if you are struggling with your mental health, experiencing bullying, experiencing trouble and worry or unsure of your identity, you are not alone! Don’t be afraid to reach out to us, or for confidential support from an expert team of friendly faces, you can get in touch with LGBT Foundation here.

For now though, stay awesome! Me and the team cannot wait to share the next year with you by our side.

Kindest Regards,

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