Our Favourite Recent LGBTQ+ Inclusive Adverts

Our Favourite Recent LGBTQ+ Inclusive Adverts

Over recent years we’ve seen a welcomed increase in adverts which have included LGBTQ+ themes that really reach out to us! Although some companies seem to ‘jump on the bandwagon’ when it comes to these issues, there have been quite a few well put together advert campaigns which really pull our heart strings. 

Here are 10 of our favourite adverts (in no particular order) which are sure to bring smiles, tears and laughter!…


This Starbucks advert won the Channel 4 Diversity Award last year (2019), for showcasing and acknowledging the struggles that Transgender people deal with during their life through gender transition.

It’s something as seemingly small, such as writing a name on a cup or calling somebody by their chosen name that is a symbolic act of recognition and acceptance. 


This advert for McDonalds caused upset with religious groups in Taiwan for releasing this heartwarming gay advert for the McCafé brand.

Although displeasure from many conservative groups in Taiwan has been displayed for this move by Mcdonalds, we love the power behind this advert and it’s definitely a bold move that brought a tear to our eye!

Burger King

Back in 2014, Burger King stood by their values of “being bold, empowered, accountable, meritocratic, and fun” with this advert that coincided with the San Francisco Pride.

‘The Proud Whopper’ was a limited edition burger with rainbow packaging as part of the “Be Your Way” campaign. It’s so emotional seeing the impact this small act created, we love it!


This 2016 advert from Kodak rightly won The Washington Reader award for “Best Motion Ad of the year”. Appropriately called “Understanding”, it was aimed towards both the millennial and older internet market.

For such a ‘short film’ this advert sure carries a lot of emotion both regarding LGBTQ+ issues and other limiting and restraining issues we may face. We’re very happy that Kodak too their adverts to the next level with this one! 


Bench brought this viral Filipino LGBT advert out back in 2018 and we love the story-line it follows.

Not only does this advert pull at our heart strings with the acceptance of child identity, it also ‘de-genderfies’ and showcases people should be able to like what they like, regardless of their identity!

Pot Noodle

This Billy Elliot styled advert from instant food giant Pot Noodle took LGBTQ+ adverts down a different path which caused some controversy upon launch.

With an amazing twist, the advert portrays that you can be anything you want to be in life regardless of gender stereotypes or social constraints. This goes with their perfectly advert title “You Can Make It”.


This 2 minute advert celebrating Renault’s 30th year in making the French cars is a beautifully created lesbian love story.

Featuring the cover track of Wonderwall by Rahel Debebe-Dessalegne the short film features two girls who grow up through their normal lives separated from childhood friendship only to rekindle in the fairy tale type story-line by the end!


This Colgate advert was perfectly timed, coming out just weeks after the Mexican President proposed the inclusion of same-sex marriage in their country.

Portraying the pivotal role of meeting new neighbors when moving house. This was the first time a Mexican advert had featured a gay couple and the response was amazing!

British Airways

This centenary advert by British Airways celebrating their 100th year anniversary delves deep into inclusivity featuring people from various backgrounds, races, shapes, sizes, and sexual identities.

Relating to LGBTQ+, the heartwarming advert features a trans person prominently, a gay couple mentioning leading revolutions, alongside a bunch of celebrities.


This short film was part of a Guinness’s campaign celebrating British rugby players who are “made of more”.

Gareth Thomas is one of the most successful Welsh rugby players of his generation – he is also gay. As the short film highlights, Gareth’s greatest fear wasn’t the opposition that he faced on the pitch, it was his fear of publicly coming out.




Has we missed your favourite? Let us know in the comments! 

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