LGBTQ+ Pride Festival Preparation Guide

LGBTQ+ Pride Festival Preparation Guide


If you’ve never been to a LGBTQ+ Pride event before, it can often seem quite daunting and scary. There’s no need to worry though as this complete LGBT gay Pride parade and festival preparation guide has been created for first-timers in mind, to put your mind at ease.

With so many Pride events lined up in 2024, this year is set to be one of the loudest and proudest years on record for Pride parades across the globe. If you’ve never been to a Pride festival and are really thinking about attending your first, this year is the perfect year to do so.

Providing you with everything you’ll need for your LGBT Pride festival with packing checklist, tips, tricks, and frequently asked questions, you’re sure to be ready for Pride after reading through this guide! 


    How did pride start?

    The history of Pride is a significant highlight of the fight for equality and acceptance. Pride Month itself commemorates the Stonewall Riots which occurred in 1969 in New York City. These events are massively credited as the catalyst of modern day LGBTQ+ rights movements around the world.

    The first official Pride march took place in New York City the following year in 1970. What started out as marches on the last Sunday in June have since spread out across the entire month of June with other countries around the world celebrating Pride, sometimes in other months too.

    Origins of Pride With Stonewall Riots in 1969

    What is included in Pride?

    Depending on which type of Pride event you’re visiting, there may be different activities, entertainment and events available. For the most part, Pride is about the gathering of people to celebrate LGBTQ+ social and self acceptance, achievements, legal rights and pride.

    Pride festival parade near me

    Pride festivals and parades take place all over the UK and around the world so you’re sure to find an event near you. Check out our complete 2022 Pride Calendar for the most up to date list of over 100 UK pride events planned throughout the year.

    Can I go to Pride alone?

    Absolutely, Pride events can be enjoyed just as much solo as they are within a group. Pride festivals are an excellent place to make new friends and build a community. We advise checking out your local events and activities beforehand so can see how accessible they are what they’re all about. 

    Going to a pride festival parade alone

    Do I have to be out to go to Pride?

    You do not have to be out to attend a Pride event. If anything, Pride festivals are important for those aren’t out! You never have to explain yourself or identify if you don’t feel comfortable doing so, especially at a Pride parade. Many people who are out will be eager to show you that there’s a huge loveable and diverse community who accept you for who you truly are! 

    Do I need tickets for Pride?

    Depending on the Pride parade or festival you plan to attend, you may have to purchase tickets to gain entry, although there are many pride events across the country that provide free entry to particular areas. We have a complete list of Pride events and details in our 2022 LGBTQ+ Pride Calendar to find out more.

    Making the most our of gay pride

    Be safe

    Much like any other large parade or festival, the chances of something bad happening are relatively low due to an increased attendance of police, alongside the amazing volunteers who ensure Pride runs smoothly. Although it’s always important, especially in larger crowds to pay attention to your surroundings and your valuables. 

    Pride parades are both more exciting and safer when attended with friends, loved ones or family. If you don’t feel like you have anybody to share Pride with, you can always check the Facebook group or other socials for the Pride event you’re visiting to see if anybody is looking for a group or friend to travel with.

    Book in advance

    Pride events are always highly attended, but with so many parades and festivals cancelled due to coronavirus in pervious years, this year is set to be the loudest and proudest Pride season ever. With this in mind, now more than ever is it important to secure your tickets early for your desired pride event to ensure you don’t miss out on celebrations.

    Pride Essentials Packing List Guide

    What should I pack for pride?

    To make sure you’ve got everything you need for Pride, we’ve compiled a list of the most important things that you should pack for any Pride parade or festival. Although it’s not required to take everything in this list, it’s always better to be prepared for any weather or possibility.

    Starting off with the essentials, this list has everything that you definitely need to make your pride the most enjoyable and memorable for all the right reasons! 

    Pride Flags

    One of the most important places to wave your pride flag high. If you’ve got one already, now is the time to take it off your bedroom wall and get ready to wave it proudly. If you don’t own one already, be sure to check out our huge collection of over 40 LGBTQ+ Pride Flags available in over 20 gender identities and sexual orientations!

    Refillable Water Bottle

    With the majority of pride events held during the summer months, the combination of heat, dancing and partying means you’ll need to keep hydrated. You can take a few bottles of water with you, although we advise taking a refillable water bottle because it’s both environmentally friendly and well.. refillable! 

    Umbrellas or Raincoats 

    Unfortunately, as you’ll be more than aware, the great British weather is far from reliable. Although you may be preparing for a heatwave, rain always hits when least expected. For this we advise packing a raincoat, or a small compactable umbrella to get you through the day without weighing you down.

    Explore LGBTQ+ Pride Umbrellas

    Bum Bags or Small Bags

    It’s important to keep your belongings safe, especially within crowded places such as Pride festivals. Bum bags (fanny packs if American) are the perfect size for valuables such as your mobile phone, keys and money, whilst also being stylish in themselves. If you don’t like the style, don’t worry, any drawstring bag, rucksack or carry storage will work, however we advise taking nothing larger than A4 size with some pride events having restrictions on larger size storage. 

    Sunglasses & Sun Screen

    Although we love the sun, nobody wants to end up burning red with sunburn. Make sure you apply a strong sunblock to your visible skin before heading out the door. Pop a small bottle in your bag for the day so you can ensure you stay topped up and burn free!

    In addition to protecting your skin, you should always make sure that you protect your eyes from the sun. Sunglasses don’t take up much room and are a must have when the sun is at its highest. Our collection of LGBTQ+ pride sunglasses both look the part whilst protecting you from the elements! 

    Explore LGBTQ+ Gay Pride Sunglasses

    Charger & Charger Cable

    Imagine you’re half way through the best day of your life and you want to capture the moment but realize your phone battery is flat. Sounds awful.. To keep your phoned charged and ready to use, make sure to pack a small portable charger or at least a charging cable so you can plug in your essentials.

    LGBT Foundation Rainbow Pride Universal 4-in-1 Charger Cable

    The Right Attitude

    Regardless of how many pride essentials you have with you, nothing is going to make Pride more enjoyable than attending with the right attitude. Pride festivals and parades are an exciting, loud and vibrant place to be crowded with happiness and solidarity. Go into pride with the enthusiasm and joy and you’re experience will truly out of this world, we promise! 

    Enjoying Gay Pride With The Right Attitude

    LGBTQ+ Pride Accessories

    Now you know what essentials you have to pack for Pride, here’s a list of LGBTQ+ pride accessories that look the part whilst helping you have the loudest and proudest Pride event ever! Although these aren’t mandatory, we highly recommended having a look for ways to stand out from the crowd whilst having the best pride possible!

    Layard & Whistle

    Lanyards are perfect for pride, not only do they allow you to keep your ticket/pass close or to attach your keys or phone, our LGBTQ+ pride lanyards are created with durability whilst also being vibrant and versatile for any pride event! 

    The number one thing that you should have on your lanyard is a whistle! Share your pride vocally and be heard within the crowd whilst also matching any colour to your chosen lanyard. 

    Explore LGBTQ+ Gay Pride Lanyards

    Belt or Braces 

    Whether you plan on wearing a baggier fit enjoy having a belt or braces with style, we’ve got you covered for either! Our pride canvas buckle belts are available in 8 pride identity designs and fit waist sizes up to 40 inches. If you’re looking for something that stands our more with added comfort then we also stock a wide range of LGBTQ+ identity braces to showcase your pride! 

    Explore LGBTQ+ Gay Pride Braces and Suspenders

    Pin Badges

    Without doubt the most versatile pride accessories you can have. Pin badges are perfect to add to any other LGBTQ+ pride accessories you may own or can add that extra sparkle to your everyday outfit. Being one of our largest collections with close to 100 unique designs, you’re sure to find the perfect pin badge at Joshua Lloyd. 

    Explore LGBTQ+ Pride Pin Badges

    Iron-on Patches

    If you’re looking to add flair to your clothing, backpack or accessories, iron-on patches are an easy yet effective way to showcase your pride. We proudly stock over 40 LGBTQ+ pride patches covering over 14 identities and sexual preferences. 

    Explore LGBTQ+ Pride Iron-On Patches


    Regardless of gender or identity, earrings are a unique way to express your personality whilst standing out from the crowd. Whether you prefer dangle earrings, studs or anything in between, ear accessories are a great way to showcase your pride with a difference. 

    Explore LGBTQ+ Gay Pride Earrings

    Whatever You Want! 

    Realistically, Pride is all about what you make of it. There shouldn’t feel any pressure on what to wear or how to act for any Pride festival or event, the most important thing is be comfortable and unapologetically you! 

    What to wear at gay pride parade festivals

    What should I wear to pride?

    You can wear whatever you want for Pride, which makes it even more spectacular. Although you may feel pressured and think that there is a mandatory queer outfit required, Pride is all about individuality and acceptance so all that’s really advised is to wear what you feel most comfortable in.

    Pride is the perfect time to step outside of any comfort zones if you desire and experiment with your look or wardrobe, but more importantly it’s a time to embrace who you are personally and not what you look like. 

    If you’d prefer to blend in, rainbow may seem vibrant in everyday life, but at a Pride event it’s the perfect camouflage; with so many rainbow flags, clothing and accessories, it’s perfect for either extroverts or introverts. 

    If you are looking for something a little different, then why not check out our growing collection of gender-neutral inclusive clothing to accompany you on your travels this pride season?

    Be Yourself at Gay Pride Parade Festivals

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