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      4 products

      Omnisexual Pride Products

      Browse our growing collection of omnisexual accessories and clothing. As we continue to create the best LGBTQ+ pride shop available, we're constantly creating new omnisexual merchandise, jewelry, clothing and gift ideas to remain as inclusive as possible! Built with input from our LGBTQ+ community, our omni pride collection is built with love and inclusivity throughout.

      What Is Omnisexuality?

      Omnisexual, often shortened to omni is a multisexual orientation defined as sexual, romantic or otherwise alterous attraction to all genders. There is no set way to identify as omnisexual with many omnisexual people finding their gender identity confused with other sexual orientations in the multisexuality category with some feeling pressured to conform to a label more familiar to others such as bisexual or pansexual.

      Omnisexuality and Pansexuality

      Many people use the terms pansexual and omnisexual interchangeably. Although there are close similarities and closely related, there are differences between the two. It is described that those who identify as pansexual feel attraction to people without noticing their gender, whereas omnisexual people recognize their gender of potential partners. 

      Omnisexual Pride Flag

      The omnisexual pride flag dates back to July 2015 when it was designed by Pastelmemer. The flag was created for those who identify as omnisexual to showcase their pride and support for omnisexuality.

      Colours Of The Omnisexual Flag

      The omnisexual pride flag consists of five equally sized horizontal stripes, each of their own separate colour. Although the meaning of colours in the omnisexual pride flag are unconfirmed, there is much understanding that the meaning for each colour are as follows;

      Light pink and blue is for the representation of the gender spectrum, pink represents attraction to femininity and women, blue represents attraction to masculinity and men, with deep purple (sometimes depicted as black) represents attraction to individuals whose gender identity falls outside of the named categories. 

      Omnisexual Pride Accessories 

      Here at Joshua Lloyd we are constantly expanding our LGBTQ+ pride accessories collection, which also expands to and includes a varied selection of omnisexual pride merchandise and jewelry. Currently providing a diverse range including the omni pride flag and pin badges, we're also set to broaden the collection in the near future. 

      Omnisexual Pride Clothing

      Alongside the growing collection of omnisexual accessories, we're also set to expand our gender neutral clothing line to include more designs incorporating the colours of the omnisexual pride flag to help many showcase their pride and support for omnisexuality whilst also creating the perfect omni gift for loved ones!