Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week 2023

Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week 2023

Celebrated the first week after the 14th of February (usually running from Sunday until Saturday) we celebrate Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week (ASAW).

It is a week where both individuals and organisations across the globe unify to spread important information and awareness about Aromanticsm and making Aromantic spectrum voices heard alongside their issues and troubles in today’s culture.  

What is Aromantic? 

An Aromantic person is somebody who does not experience any romantic attraction to another person. Aromanticism can sometimes be confused with being Asexual, however Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction, although not all Asexuals are Aromantic and vice versa. 

Aromantic people’s experiences of romance are often disconnected from the normal societal expectations. There can be many reasons why somebody doesn’t feel any romantic attraction, such as feeling repulsed by romance in itself or being far from interested in romantic relationships.

In addition to what is normally understood to be Aromantic, there is a whole range of related identities which are often referred to as the “Aromantic Spectrum” which includes others who many not identify as completely Aromantic. 

Some people may not feel as though they completely fit within the term Aromantic and for this reason, many within the Aromantic Spectrum adopt new terms that identify them perfectly such as “demiromantic”, “grayromantic” and “lithromantic”.

What are the colours of the Aromantic Pride flag? 

The Aromantic Pride flag is comprised of five coloured horizontal stripes, from top to bottom; Green, Light Green, White, Grey and Black. 

Aromantic Pride Flag

You can purchase the Aromantic Pride flag from Joshua Lloyd alongside a full range of other identities within LGBTQ+.


What is Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week?

Created as a week to spread awareness and acceptance of the Aromantic Spectrum; Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week highlights the issues faced by members of the Aromantic Spectrum and is a time to celebrate our own experiences and existence. 

Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week (ASAW) was first observed back in 2014 and is still one of the more recent additions to the LGBTQ+ calendar. ASAW is a time for celebrating those that identify as Aromantic. Those in the Aromantic community felt they had “difficulty finding space for their experiences,” especially when others’ romantic experiences are centered so much during the lovey-dovey holiday of Valentine’s Day.

How to get involved

Aromantic Week

Like any other LGBTQ+ key date, there are many ways to get involved with Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week. It doesn’t always have to be on this set week either; Sharing further awareness to any identity at anytime is always important, especially when there are still problems within current culture. 


Learn more about what it means to be Aromantic by researching the Aromantic Spectrum with official channels. Here at Joshua Lloyd we work hard on educating our community on all topics related to LGBTQ+. Check out our social media for the latest information. 

Sharing Stories

Sharing your own stories and experiences as an Aromantic person or as somebody with relation to Aromanticism. Even if you’re an Ally, there’s many ways to share your own story, such as blogging, social media challenges and other interactions. We’ll be sharing numerous media events across our social accounts which you’re more than welcome to share and get involved in! 

Spreading the Word

Help spread the word about Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week both online and within your local community. Together we can all help raise further awareness and acceptance to Aromanticism. 


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