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13 products

Polysexual Pride Products

Browse our growing collection of polysexual pride accessories and clothing. As we continue to build the UK's best LGBTQ+ pride shop, our polysexual pride collection includes a wide range of merchandise, jewelry, apparel and digital downloads for yourself to enjoy, or as the perfect gift for a friend or loved one.

What Is Polysexuality?

Polysexual, often shortened as poly (which means many) is where individuals are attracted to people of multiple genders. Many identify as polysexual as it suggests greater variety of sexual orientations than 'traditional' gender binaries of male and female. Polysexuality is not restrictive in the sense that each person can and will have their own specific preferences when it comes to who they are attracted to. 

Difference Between Polysexuality and Other Identities

When it comes to identifies, polysexuality, bisexuality and polysexuality all refer to sexual orientations which mean a person is attracted to at least two genders. These identities all fit within the multisexual umbrella term.

Bisexual individuals are attracted to people of their own gender and at least one other gender, whereas pansexual individuals do not take gender into consideration when forming attraction.

Polysexual and Polyamorous

It is a common misconception that polysexual individuals are also polyamorous or many mistake the two as the same. Polyamory refers to the involvement in multiple romantic relationships at one. People of any sexual orientation can be polyamorous and you do not need to be polyamorous to be polysexual. 

Polysexual Pride Flag

The polysexual pride flag was designed by Tumblr user "Samlin" in July 2012 with them stating "I as a poly individual, was greatly saddened by the fact we don't have a flag...so I made one :P I made it similar to the bi and pan flags, since they're all in under the multisexual umbrella"

Colours Of The Polysexual Flag

The colours of the polysexual pride flag are based off the bisexual pride flag and pansexual pride flag, utilising the blue and pink with the purple and yellow stripes being replaced by green.

Like other LGBTQ+ pride flags, the polysexual pride flag utilises colours to highlight the parts of what makes polysexuality. The poly flag has three equally sized horizontal stripes, from top to bottom pink represents the attraction to female-identified individuals, green representing the attraction to people who identify outside the 'traditional' binary, and finally blue to represent attraction to male-identified individuals.

Polysexual Pride Accessories 

Here at Joshua Lloyd, we cater for polysexuality with an ever-growing collection of polysexual pride accessories and merchandise. Our poly pride products include the polysexual pride flag, bracelets, pin badges, earrings and more. Our polysexual accessories create the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one who identifies as polysexual. 


Polysexual Pride Clothing

Alongside our polysexual accessories collection, our clothing apparel range is also constantly growing. We're set to release our line of t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts in the near future utilising the colours of the polysexual pride flag to embrace polysexuality and we can't wait to share our collection with you!