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50 products

50 products

Non Binary Pride Products

As the UK's fastest growing LGBTQ+ gender identity pride shop, Joshua Lloyd stock a complete collection of non binary accessories and clothing. We bring products to life from community input to ensure we expand much further than other LGBT gay pride shops available. 

What Is Non Binary?

Non binary, also known as genderqueer is an umbrella term for gender identities which are neither male or female and fall outside of the gender binary. Non binary identities also fall under the transgender umbrella as non-binary people often identify with a gender that differs from their original name (assigned sex at birth), although it’s important to mention that not all non-binary people consider themselves transgender.

People who are non-binary may identify as either intermediate or separate third gender, identify with more than one gender, no gender at all, known as agender, or have a fluctuating gender identity known as genderfluid.

Gender identity is separate from both sexual or romantic orientation, with non-binary people having a variety of sexual orientations, just like cisgender do. Being non-binary also does not mean the same as intersex.

Non Binary Pride Flag

Created by Kyle Rowan in 2014, the non binary pride flag is intended to represent nonbinary people who do not feel that the genderqueer pride flag represents them.

Colours Of The Non Binary Flag

The non-binary pride flag is created with four horizontal stripes using colours yellow, white, purple and black which are symbolic to non-binary people’s experiences.

Yellow represents those whose gender does not fit within binary genders, white represents those with many or all genders, purple represents those whose gender identity falls somewhere between male/female or a mix of them, with black representing those who feel they do not have a gender.

The flag was not created to replace the genderqueer pride flag, it was to be flown alongside it. 

Non Binary Accessories 

Joshua Lloyd provides a wide selection of non binary accessories including lanyards, shoelaces, earrings, umbrellas and more! We work with our community to ensure that we cover all areas to cater for nonbinary people. 

Non Binary Clothing

In addition to the ever-growing collection of non binary accessories, our collection also expands much further with a wide collection of nonbinary clothing available at Joshua Lloyd. With core designs on T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies and much more in the planning and creation stages to bring to life soon!