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MLM Gay Male Pride Products

Here at Joshua Lloyd we provide an ever-growing collection of gay male (MLM) clothing and accessories merchandise. Created upon feedback from the LGBTQ+ community, our mlm collection is constantly growing to be as inclusive as possible.

What Does MLM Mean?

Put simply, MLM is an acronym for either male loving male or men loving men. The acronym is to represent gay men, bisexual men and other men, boys or male-aligned individuals who are romantically and/or sexually attracted to other males.

Although the WLW acronym for women loving women exists, those of the opposite gender identity generally identify as lesbian. With the rainbow pride flag representing LGBT+ people and those being gay as a whole, the MLM flag is a way for males to identify their own expression, much likes lesbians can do with their pride flag.

MLM Pride Flag

The gay male MLM pride flag does not replace the rainbow pride flag that we all know and love and was designed to coexist alongside other pride flags that we know of. Many personally identify with both the rainbow and MLM flag with them finding meaning in both. 

MLM Gay Male Flag Colours

The gay male flag takes it's design principles from the original 7 stripe sunset lesbian pride flag however each colour representing different aspects. From the top down, the colours represent community, inclusion, she/her and pronoun nonconforming gays, GNC, nonbinary, and trans men, ace/arospec and split-attraction gays, love and attraction, diversity. 

Gay Male MLM Pride Flag Colours Explained

MLM Pride Accessories 

Joshua Lloyd caters for all areas of LGBTQ+ and is constantly evolving to ensure we remain as inclusive as possible! With the MLM gay male design being relatively new, we are still working hard to create a broader collection of MLM gay male pride accessories. At present we currently provide a varied collection of MLM merchandise which is set to expand throughout the year!

MLM Gay Male Clothing

Alongside our evolving MLM gay male accessories collection, we are also expanding our gender neutral clothing line to include various designs to represent the MLM gay male flag colours. We currently have a few designs created and many more to come throughout the year too.