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6 products

Intersex Pride Products

Explore our collection of intersex pride clothing and accessories as we continue to build the most inclusive pride shop available! Built from the help of our amazing community, our intersex pride collection includes a diverse selection of jewelry, clothing and accessories to showcase your pride and support for intersexuality.

What Is Intersexuality?

Intersex is a term used to describe anybody who may have the biological attributes of both sexes. or whose biological attributes don't fit within the societal assumptions that normally constitutes male or female.

Although intersex is generally a born condition, the anatomy of intersex does not always appear evident at birth. In some cases, a person may not be found to have intersex anatomy until they reach the age of puberty or find themselves infertile. 

Intersex Pride Flag

The intersex pride flag was created in July 2013 by Morgan Carpenter of Intersex Human Rights Australia to create a flag "that is not derivative, but is yet firmly grounded in meaning". In 2021, the intersex pride flag was incorporated into the progress pride flag to create a new more inclusive intersex progress pride flag.

Colours Of The Intersex Flag

The intersex pride flag consists of the colours purple and yellow and were chosen due to the colours being viewed as free from gender associations and were historically used to represent intersex people. The flag itself is yellow with a purple circle ring in the center, this circle is described as "unbroken and unornamented, symbolising wholeness and completeness". 

Intersex Accessories 

Here at Joshua Lloyd, we cater for intersexuality alongside our wide range of LGBTQ+ accessories. We believe it's important to remain as inclusive as possible, therefore we belie providing intersex accessories is vital. Our collection of intersex merchandise includes jewelry such as earrings, pin badges and bracelets, alongside the intersex pride flag and other accessories. 

Intersex Clothing

As we continue to build our collection of LGBTQ+ gender neutral apparel, we look forward to welcoming intersex designs into our clothing lines to increase visibility and awareness to intersexuality whilst creating fashion that everybody can enjoy!