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8 products

Genderqueer Pride Products

Explore genderqueer clothing and accessories at the UK's fastest growing LGBTQ+ pride shop. With a growing collection of genderqueer apparel and merchandise, you're sure to find something to love or gift a loved one.

What Is Genderqueer?

Genderqueer is used for those who do not follow binary gender norms. They could be non binary, agender, genderfluid or another gender identity and may prefer the use of different pronouns to address them. 

The term 'genderqueer' has been used since the 1990's, even though it may still seem relatively new. The identity originated within activist circles where people were looking for words to describe those who confronted the gender binary. 

Genderqueer Pride Flag

Created in 2011 by Marilyn Roxie, a genderqueer writer and advocate, the genderqueer pride flag was inspired by readers of genderqueer identities. By coincidence, the colours of the flag are similar to the British Suffragette Flag however Marilyn did not have any knowledge of this flag prior to creating the genderqueer design. 

Colours Of The Genderqueer Flag

The genderqueer pride flag compromises of three equally sized horizontal stripes consisting of lavender (purple), white and chartreuse (green) each representing a different part of being genderqueer.

The lavender stripe is a mixture of blue and pink which are colours generally associated with men and women to represent androgyny, the white stripe share similar design to the transgender pride flag to represent agender or gender neutral identities, with the final chartreuse stripe being an inverse of the lavender to represent third gender identities and identities which are outside of the gender binary. 

Genderqueer Accessories 

As we continue to build the most inclusive LGBTQ+ store available, our genderqueer accessories and merchandise collection is constantly evolving. We currently provide a varied range of accessories including earrings, pin badges, bracelets and ultimately the genderqueer pride flag!

Genderqueer Clothing

With our genderqueer clothing collection still relatively new, we are still in the process of expanding our apparel to include many more genderqueer designs into our T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts. Stay tuned this year to find even more gender neutral clothing