Our favourite LGBT mobile wallpaper background designs!

The majority of us spend a great deal of time looking at our mobile phones, why not revamp your phone home screen with one of these awesome LGBT themed wallpapers designed perfectly for mobile!?

If you don't look at your phone much already, we're sure that you will with one of these on your phone! 

We've trawled the internet for mobile wallpaper background designs in all areas of the LGBTQ+ spectrum to bring you our favourite designs for each category... if you feel that we've missed some or you'd love to see more reach out to us, we'd love to create another blog on this in the future! 

***Please note we do not own any of these images and supply links to where all images are sourced. All images are set to down-scaled resolution for page loading so please relate to image links for original images for true sizes and for best quality!***

Pride Mobile Phone Wallpapers

It's clear there are so many gay pride rainbow wallpapers for mobile, selecting our favourites for this section was very tough but we managed to get a top five! For this reason, there are tonnes more pride wallpaper designs out there and if you don't find one you love here, we assure you there's one out there for you! 
Neon Lighted Face | LGBT Gay Pride Mobile Wallpaper Background
neon face lgbt mobile wallpaper background     
Rainbow Plant Droplets | LGBT Gay Pride Mobile Wallpaper Background
rainbow plant lgbt mobile wallpaper background
Vertical Pride Flag Art | LGBT Gay Pride Mobile Wallpaper Background
vertical flag lgbt mobile wallpaper background
Rainbow Dots | LGBT Gay Pride Mobile Wallpaper Background
rainbow dots lgbt mobile wallpaper background
Rainbow Fuzzy Ball | LGBT Gay Pride Mobile Wallpaper Background
fuzzy rainbow lgbt mobile wallpaper background

Trans Mobile Phone Wallpapers

The colour scheme of the Trans flag make for some beautiful trans mobile wallpaper designs. Once again, selecting our top five in this area was very tough and there are so many more amazing trans wallpapers out there! 
Neon Striped Balls | Trans Mobile Wallpaper Background
neon balls trans mobile wallpaper background
Subtle Sky ForestScape | Trans Mobile Wallpaper Background
subtle trans mobile wallpaper background
Love Heart on Flag | Trans Mobile Wallpaper Background
flag heart trans mobile wallpaper background
Low Poly Abstract | Trans Mobile Wallpaper Background
low poly trans mobile wallpaper background
Simple Stripe | Trans Flag Mobile Wallpaper Background
flag stripe trans mobile wallpaper background   

Non-Binary Mobile Phone Wallpapers

We love the variety available for non-binary wallpaper designs! The three colours for the flag contrast to bring awesome unique designs. Unlike previous designs listed for other identities, there are not as many non-binary background designs so we may even bring some out our self for you all! 
Non-Binary Dinosaur Mobile Wallpaper Background Design
non binary dinosaur mobile wallpaper background
Circle Swirls | Non-Binary Mobile Wallpaper Background Art
non binary art mobile wallpaper background
Subtle Desert | Non-Binary Mobile Wallpaper Background Art
subtle non binary mobile wallpaper background
You Are Enough | Non-Binary Mobile Wallpaper Background Inspiration
you are enough non binary mobile wallpaper background
Flower Art | Non-Binary Mobile Wallpaper Background Art
flowers non binary mobile wallpaper background


Bisexual Mobile Phone Wallpapers

We found some beautiful bisexual wallpaper designs with some variety! Because of the limited colours available in the bi flag, there appears to be so many more wallpaper options available, we think that's mainly because the three colours go together naturally and some artists out there created bisexual wallpaper designs unintentionally!  
Gem Stones | Bisexual Mobile Wallpaper Background Art
gemstones bisexual mobile wallpaper background
Bi Cats | Bisexual Mobile Wallpaper Background Art
cats bisexual mobile wallpaper background
Space | Bisexual Mobile Wallpaper Background Artwork
space subtle bisexual mobile wallpaper background
Subtle CityScape | Bisexual Mobile Wallpaper Background
cityscape bisexual mobile wallpaper background
Low Poly Geometry | Bisexual Mobile Wallpaper Background Art
low poly bisexual mobile wallpaper background


Pansexual Mobile Phone Wallpapers

We love the pansexual flag colour scheme when it comes to wallpaper background designs; The colours are very vibrant and have a very artsy feel to them! Here are our top five from this category....
Space | Pansexual Mobile Wallpaper Background
space pansexual mobile wallpaper background
SeaScape | Pansexual Mobile Wallpaper Background
seascape pansexual mobile wallpaper background
Retro 8-Bit Hears | Pansexual Mobile Wallpaper Background Art
8bit hearts pansexual mobile wallpaper background
Pans Fade | Pansexual Mobile Wallpaper Background Art
fade pansexual mobile wallpaper background
Love Heart on Flag | Pansexual Mobile Wallpaper Background Art
heart pansexual mobile wallpaper background


Lesbian Mobile Phone Wallpapers

Unfortunately the selection for lesbian colour themed wallpapers seem to be quite limited, well for mobile phone backgrounds anyway! We managed to get five lesbian phone wallpapers which we love though, and are so happy to share them with you!
CitsyScape | Lesbian Mobile Wallpaper Background Art
cityscape lesbian mobile wallpaper background
ForestScape | Lesbian Mobile Wallpaper Background Art
forestscape lesbian mobile wallpaper background
Flower Art | Lesbian Mobile Wallpaper Background Art
flowers lesbian mobile wallpaper background
I Like Girls | Lesbian Mobile Wallpaper Quote Background
I like girls lesbian mobile wallpaper background
Space | Lesbian Mobile Wallpaper Background Art
space lesbian mobile wallpaper background


Asexual Mobile Phone Wallpapers

With the asexual pride flag being generally darker colours, the designs available for asexual wallpaper designs appear a little dull at times.. We've found five awesome asexual mobile wallpaper designs to lighten up your device! 
Low Poly | Asexual Mobile Phone Wallpaper Background Design
low poly asexual ace mobile wallpaper background
Night ForestScape | Asexual Mobile Phone Wallpaper Background
space asexual ace mobile wallpaper background
Ace of Spades | Asexual Mobile Phone Wallpaper Background
ace of spades asexual mobile wallpaper background
You Are Enough | Asexual Mobile Phone Wallpaper Background Quote
you are enough asexual ace mobile wallpaper background
8-Bit Hearts | Asexual Mobile Phone Retro Wallpaper Background
8bit hearts asexual ace mobile wallpaper background


Genderfluid Mobile Phone Wallpapers

With so many colour variants within the genderfluid flag, there was an array of wallpaper designs available to share with you. However saying that, because of so many colours required to get the full spectrum, sometimes they look a little messy and too cluttered.. not these five awesome wallpaper designs though!
Space Fade | Genderfluid Mobile Phone Wallpaper Background
space genderfluid mobile wallpaper background
Texture Fade | Genderfluid Mobile Phone Wallpaper Background
textures genderfluid mobile wallpaper background
Square Textures | Genderfluid Mobile Phone Wallpaper Background
square art genderfluid mobile wallpaper background
Shapes | Genderfluid Mobile Phone Wallpaper Background
shapes genderfluid mobile wallpaper background
You Are Enough | Genderfluid Mobile Phone Wallpaper Quote
you are enough genderfluid mobile wallpaper background


Polysexual Mobile Phone Wallpapers

The colour scheme for polysexual contrasts very well and brings a whole new area of wallpaper background designs, although not a wide range of awesome design ideas, there are a lot to choose from and we managed to get down to our top five in this category! 
Space | Poly Mobile Phone Wallpaper Background
space polysexual poly mobile wallpaper background
Low Poly Art | Polysexual Mobile Phone Wallpaper Background
polysexual low poly mobile wallpaper background
ForestScape | Poly Mobile Phone Wallpaper Background
forest polysexual poly mobile wallpaper background
Space Art | Poly Mobile Phone Wallpaper Background
space art polysexual poly mobile wallpaper background
Poly-Sicle | Polysexual Mobile Phone Wallpaper Background Art
polysicle polysexual mobile wallpaper background

Ally Mobile Phone Wallpapers

Unfortunately, there is very limited designs available for LGBT allies! We only managed to find two wallpapers in this category we thoroughly enjoyed... That's not to say there isn't a lot more out there that you would enjoy! If you do find any you like be sure to send them our way for any future blogs! 
Piano Tiles | LGBT Ally Mobile Phone Retro Wallpaper Background
Piano LGBT ally mobile wallpaper background
Don't Hate | LGBT Ally Mobile Phone Retro Wallpaper Quote
don't hate LGBT ally mobile wallpaper background
We worked hard on this blog but know there are many many more designs that we could include! There are literally thousands of decent designs on the web, however stating this, there seems to be limited mobile phone wallpapers regarding some areas of the LGBT community which is rather upsetting! 


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