Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

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This year, Mental Health Awareness Week runs from Monday 10th May through to Sunday 16th May 2021. The theme for this year's event is nature which is quite fitting to say the majority of us have spent most of the last year starting at four walls! 

Understandably everybody has their own different levels of comfort, although the core focus on this year's Mental Health Awareness Week is to reconnect with nature and the environment to improve your mental health and wellbeing.

5 Ways to Wellbeing

This focus on this year's Mental Health Awareness Week is on '5 Ways to Wellbeing' whilst reconnecting with nature throughout the week. Setting out five pillars which are key to improving our mental health.

Based on the New Economics Foundation, the '5 Ways to Wellbeing' are focused upon social connectedness, physical activity, awareness, learning and giving. This article looks at each area and highlights ways in which you can take part to improve your own mental health this year.


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Connection is solely focused on relating to others whilst also feeling that you and others around you are understood. Take the time this Mental Health Awareness Week to speak to people in your life, whether friends, family, colleagues or neighbors, there will be somebody somewhere willing to listen and connect with you. 

Although uncomfortable for many, try and expand your social circles, this could be either at work or school, or even within your local community or through safe space online forums. Connections can be viewed as a cornerstone of your life, if you invest the time in developing connections, these can further support you and enrich your life in the long term. 

Be Active

Mental Health Awareness Week Be Active

Regular physical activity is proven to lower depression rates and anxiety throughout all age groups, although please be mindful and never push yourself too much. You don't have to become a fitness fanatic, by simply stepping outside where it's safe to do so or exercising at home; Exercise is known to release hormones that make you feel good! 

Without trying to push yourself, the most important thing to note with being active is to discover an activity which you enjoy and one that you can manage without feeling that you're doing too much. 

Take Notice

Mental Health Awareness Week Take Notice

It's important throughout Mental Health Awareness Week and every other day for that matter to take stock of your surrounding and catch the sight of beautiful things around you which you may already take for granted. 

Being mindful has been highlighted to create a positive mental state. In addition, by having greater awareness of the world around you can help you see the unusual things around you that you may have missed whilst also highlighting other simple pleasures such as changing seasons.

Reflecting on your own life experiences will help you appreciate what matter most. Take the time to savour any good moments in your daily life, whether you're eating lunch, talking to friends or commuting to work, be present to your own feelings and environment.

Keep Learning

Mental Heath Awareness Week Keep Learning

Learning something new may seem daunting for many as we can often feel comfortable doing our daily tasks with ease although learning something new is good for your brain whilst also offering possible excitement to the learner.

Try something different this Mental Health Awareness Week or sign up to that course you've always wanted to do. If you don't feel that adventurous of feel anxious at the thought, why not rediscover an old interest or something you used to love doing but let it slip away?

The challenge and enjoyment of learning something new can provide a great sense of fulfilment that really is unique and second to none!


Mental Health Awareness Week Give

Giving can mean a full array of things with so many opportunities to give back in our daily life. From showing goodwill and generosity of spirit to giving presents or donations. Mental Health Organisation highlight that giving back or helping others promotes wellbeing for all ages. 

Why not do something nice for a friend or loved one, or even thank somebody for their work or activity they're carrying out? You could even take this further by volunteering your time for a charity or joining and online community to both provide and receive peer support. 

The core focus on giving is to ensure that you look outwards as well as inwards. Seeing yourself and your happiness, linked to the wider community can be incredibly rewarding! 

Mental Health at Joshua Lloyd

Here at Joshua Lloyd we're huge advocates of mental health awareness and supporting those struggling with their wellbeing. Working in collaboration with registered charities and organisations, we have a core focus on our community and work hard to ensure we can further raise awareness to mental health in a bid to increase the lives of our community! 

Mental Health Joshua Lloyd

Struggling With Mental Health? 

Are you struggling with your own mental health or know somebody who is? Reach out to us on any social media platform, web chat or email us directly at where a member of our team will help you in any way we can or connect you anonymously with a charity that could help you best! 

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