The 10 Best Subtle Pride Gifts & Merchandise

Best Subtle & Discreet LGBTQ+ Pride Merchandise


If you're looking for a way to showcase your pride but not comfortable to express your identity or sexual preference publicly, our subtle LGBTQ+ accessories are the perfect addition. Our discreet pride gifts and merchandise are perfect for everyday use without having to be out about your identity, whilst also being a unique way to showcase your identity or sexual preference at any pride festival parade or event. 

What does subtle pride mean?

The definition of subtle pride can vary somewhat, however in this case we mean LGBTQ+ products which are created with the colours of identity and sexual preference pride flags without directly highlighting that the product is LGBTQ+ related. 

Subtle pride accessories are a way to showcase your pride without the worry of others questioning you or feeling uncomfortable or scared that people may out you if they see you wearing your pride accessory. 

What are the best subtle accessories? 

With such a diverse collection of accessories available in a wide range of LGBTQ+ identities and sexual preference designs, there are literally hundreds of different products available to choose from. With that in mind, we've highlighted our 10 best-selling and customer favourite subtle pride gifts and merchandise available that you can wear discreetly and with style! 

1. Shoelaces

Currently available in 7 identity designs including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, our premium pride shoelaces definitely deserve the top spot on this list. Measuring 130cm in length and a width of 1cm, these waterproof woven laces are a great way to share your pride discreetly whilst also bringing any footwear to life with vibrant colours and design throughout. 

Shop LGBTQ+ Pride Shoelaces

2. Pin Badges

With close to 100 unique LGBTQ+ pride pin badges available, you're sure to find a design that you can wear discreetly whilst showing off your pride in a subtle way that means so much to yourself. We've created numerous designs based of LGBTQ+ pride flags to give you comfort and peace of mind to wear a pin style you love without the constant worry of being outed. 

Shop LGBTQ+ Pride Pin Badges

3. Lanyards

Whether you work in an office environment, in school or study at college or university, the requirement of wearing our credentials or identification pretty much covers all of us at some point. Our collection of pride lanyards are a great way to discreetly showcase your pride whilst adding extra colour and flair to your uniform. 

Shop LGBTQ+ Pride Lanyards

4. Earrings

Regardless of what style of earring you prefer, we've got a varied collection of LGBTQ+ pride earring styles to choose from, many of which are available in discreet and subtle designs based of numerous pride flags both in dangle and studded designs. 

Shop LGBT Gay Pride Earrings

5. Canvas Belts

If you're looking for the perfect everyday way to share your pride discreetly then our LGBTQ+ pride canvas buckle belts are a sure way to do so whilst also being one of the most practical pride accessories we stock! At approximately 3cm in width and measuring up to 38-40 inches, these pride belts are both a comfortable and ideal way to highlight your pride discreetly. 

Shop LGBTQ+ Pride Canvas Buckle Belts

6. Suspenders/Braces

If you're looking for something a little more visible, our collection of LGBTQ+ pride braces, also known as suspenders are a great way to highlight your pride discreetly whilst also adding vibrant colour to any other clothing you're wearing and also perfect for any pride parade festival or event! 

Shop LGBTQ+ Pride Suspenders & Braces

7. Bracelets & Bangles

Looking for small and discreet pride accessories? Look no further than our LGBTQ+ pride bracelets and bangles! With various subtle designs with miniature rainbow beads and thin bangle designs, our bracelets can be worn under any long sleeve T-shirt or hoodie discreetly or worn with pride! 

Shop LGBTQ+ Pride Bracelets

8. Sunglasses

Want to share your pride discreetly in the summer months? Our unique collection of pride sunglasses is the perfect way to subtly highlight your pride whilst also being a practical way to protect yourself from the sun! Created using colours from various pride flags, these wayfarer sunglasses are a must have for any summers day or pride festival. 

Shop LGBTQ+ Pride Sunglasses

9. Iron-On Patches

Love patches but want something that highlights your identity or sexual preference without being to obvious? With over designs, our LGBTQ+ iron-on patch collection includes a wide range of subtle designs to showcase your pride in a discreet manner with easy to use iron-on backing!

Shop LGBTQ+ Pride Iron-On Patches

10. Digital Downloads

Our mobile phones and other electronic items are a very personal space which makes them a great place to discreetly share your pride. Our collection of digital downloads include a huge collection of subtle mobile wallpapers and desktop wallpapers. What's even greater is that they are currently free!  

Explore Subtle & Discreet LGBTQ+ Pride Wallpapers

Discreet Packaging

Here at Joshua Lloyd we completely understand that it's not always possible to be out which can make the idea of purchasing pride merchandise daunting or frightening. There's no need to worry though, every order shipped out by Joshua Lloyd is packed in 100% discreet packaging giving you both peace of mind and security. 

LGBT Gay Pride Discreet Packaging

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