When Is Agender Pride Day?

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What is Agender Pride Day?

Agender Pride Day is one of the latest LGBTQ+ awareness days, but that doesn't make it any less important than others! The core focus of this awareness date is to promote awareness to both the agender community and individuals. 

Although Agender Pride Day is a great time to celebrate those who identify as agender, it's also important to highlight the hate, discrimination and inequality faced by agender people around the world. 

The hatred towards agender people and other LGBTQ+ individuals must stop to create a a more accepting world. It's important to educate others on the impact negative actions may have whilst also highlighting that everybody deserved to live how they feel comfortable. 

If you identify as agender or know somebody close who does, remember that Joshua Lloyd supports you and is proud of who you are!

About Gender Expression and Agender

When is Agender Pride Day?

Agender Pride Day is observed annually on the 19th May to promote awareness of agender individuals around the world whilst celebrating those who identify as agender.

What does agender Mean?

Agender individuals most commonly identify as having no gender, however some do consider their gender to be neutral. The term agender falls under the non binary umbrella where people may also identify as genderfree, genderblank, genderless, gendervoid, ungendered, or null gender. 

Agender Pronouns and Gender Identity

What pronouns do agender people use?

Agender people may prefer numerous pronouns (he/she/they), however some prefer not to use any gendered language when referring to themselves. It's also important to highlight that agender individuals can present any gender expression that they feel most comfortable with. 

What's the difference between agender and non binary?

The core difference is that non binary is a agender within itself meaning not male or female sex, however agender means having no gender or lack of feeling in regard to gender. Non binary is the umbrella term to describe any gender that doesn't fall into either male or female which can be agender too, although depends on how those within prefer to identify. 

Is there an agender flag?

The agender pride flag has been around since 2014 by Salem who identifies as an agender and panromantic demisexual with they/she pronouns. The flag was created at a time when Tumblr was experiencing an increase of gender expressions with the agender flag being created to increase visibility of agender identities and for agender individuals to reclaim their own identity. 

Colours of the agender pride flag

What are the colours of the Agender Pride Flag?

The agender pride flag consists of seven equally sized horizontal stripes, from top to bottom; black, grey, white, green, white, grey and black. Each stripe of the agender flag represents different parts of what being agender means as follows:

Black & White: Represents the agender experience.

Grey: For representation of the demi-agender experience.

Green: Referring to being part of a wider non binary community.

Agender clothing & accessories

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Our agender collection is constantly growing and evolving so if you identify as agender or know somebody close who does, be sure to check out our inclusive agender or non binary merchandise to share your pride!

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